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Welcome to NACNS

The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS), founded in 1995, exists to enhance and promote the unique, high value contribution of the clinical nurse specialist to the health and well-being of individuals, families, groups, and communities, and to promote and advance the practice of nursing.

Members of NACNS benefit from national, regional, and local efforts of the Association to make the contributions of CNSs more visible.


NACNS Clinical Nurse Specialist Summit 2014

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2014 NACNS Webinar Series

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2014 Webinar Series Information


NACNS Annual Conference 2015

20th Anniversary
March 5-7, 2015
Loews Coronado Bay
Coronado, California

Legislative/Regulatory Toolkit

The Starter Kit contains resources developed to help you with the implementation of the Consensus Model and other issues that impact the practice of the CNS.

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National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists Launches National Survey to Help Collect Data on Nurse Workforce (PDF)

CNS Reimbursed for providing Transitional Care Management Services (PDF)

NACNS Statement Nurses Week (PDF)

International Council of Nurses (ICN)
Call for Abstracts (PDF)

The American Nurses Foundation is excited to announce the expansion of our Nursing Research Grants program

The Federal Trade Commission staff have published:  Policy Perspectives:  Competition and the Regulation of Advanced Practice Nurses
This paper encourages state legislators should be cautious when evaluating proposals to limit the scope of practice of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs). "By limiting the range of services APRNs may provide and the extent to which they can practice independently, such proposals may reduce competition that benefits consumers."  Press release -
Download a Copy of the Report

Help AACN Support the Role of CNSs (PDF)

HRSA Funding Opportunity for the  Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention (NEPQR) Program

New Evidence-Based Guide Helps Implement Health Assessments in Primary Care Settings - Health Assessments in Primary Care: A How-to-Guide for Clinicians and Staff

HRSA Funding Opportunity for the Nursing Workforce Diversity (NWD) Program

Healthcare - One of the Best Jobs in America

Scrubbing In Update (PDF)

Response to MTV Show “Scrubbing In” (PDF)
   MTV Letter Press Release (PDF)

2013 Almanac of Chronic Disease (PDF)

Harvard Health Study Recruiting Nurses (PDF)

Attention CNSs Who Bill Medicare for their Services (PDF)

Learn the Truth about AMA's Truth in Advertising Campaign
The AMA initiated "Truth In Advertising" legislation in 2009 that was in response to the increasing number of healthcare providers being prepared at the doctoral level and the confusion that the AMA believed would occur as patients encountered these doctorate prepared practitioners. The AMA campaign includes both federal and state legislative efforts considered by many practitioners, including NACNS, to be unnecessary and duplicative of existing state and federal law that already contain requirements to clearly identify health providers and protect the public. NACNS supports the use of the title "doctor" for those nurses that have graduated from a doctoral nursing program. If you are in a state that is considering the AMA's legislation aimed at limiting titling use in the clinical setting and in advertising, the material available at this link provides talking points and an analysis that should be helpful in preventing the adoption of AMA's position.

PFCD: Needs Great, Evidence Lacking for People with Multiple Chronic Conditions

About the Clinical Nurse Specialists:

APRN Consensus Model:
Click here to view the Consensus Model document (PDF)

APRN Fact Sheet (PDF)



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